Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship (APS) 12

日本財団「国連平和大学Asian Peacebuilders Schalrship (APS)」12期生のブログ。APS受験~APSでの学生生活の様子をご紹介。



「IMPORTANT:Pre-arrival Reminders and Documents」


Pre-arrival letter


Graduate Student Handbook


Code of Academic Integrity





Check-in at ISO or at your preferred temporary / permanent housing. (Note that ISO is a dormitory type housing inside Ateneo. The rooms may be for sharing with other students).  Please proceed to the APS Office (Faber Hall RM 303 - FH 303) during office hours and submit all your hand carried document to (APS事務局担当者). Please bring your passport for scanning. Also, please get 2 containers from(APS事務局担当者)for your stool and urine specimen to be collected and submitted to Health Dev the day after you arrive. All laboratory tests are required by the Bureau of Immigration. Filipinos do not need theses tests.

The tests are: urine, stool and blood test (for malarial smear and DRL/RPR)


Make sure to take care of the 2 specimen containers, you will only be provided 2 and if you lose or break any, you will have to purchase the replacement container. Please drink a lot of water through the night before collecting the urine specimen in order to avoid repeat tests due to "findings". Repeat lab tests will be charged to the student. Health Dev is right in front of ISO. Please see map to be provided by(APS事務局担当者). Collect your urine and stool specimens and put them in the containers. (NOTE: your specimens are only valid within 1 hour from collection). For better results, collect the urine mid-stream.