Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship (APS) 12

日本財団「国連平和大学Asian Peacebuilders Schalrship (APS)」12期生のブログ。APS受験~APSでの学生生活の様子をご紹介。

APS出願後(6)奨学金の内容について その2

前回(APS出願後(6)奨学金の内容について)に引き続き 、今回もScholarship Terms and Conditions(奨学金要項)についてご紹介します。





D. Description of Scholarship Coverage
1. The following items are covered by the scholarship:


a. Tuition fees for all required courses at AdMU and UPEACE, provided hat students meet all academic requirements.


b. Emergency medical insurance (students are advised to procure additional coverage if considered necessary. This additional coverage will not be covered by the scholarship).


c. Student temporary permits in the Philippines and Costa Rica and applicable visa fees thereof. If paid by the student in advance, applicable fees will be reimbursed upon presentation of the original receipts.


d. Transit visas required for necessary programme travel, as well as mandatory exit and entry requirements. If paid by the student directly, applicable fees will be reimbursed upon presentation of the original receipts.


e. The following air tickets (routes and travel dates determined by availability, programme schedule and financial considerations):


●Country of origin to the Philippines to begin the programme
●Round-trip flight between the Philippines and Costa Rica



2. Items not covered by the scholarship that the student should be prepared to cover:


a. Documents and authentications required for visas (birth certificates, medical tests, criminal records, authentications, official translations, and other related expenses)


b. Additional/Non-Necessary visa/travel related costs


c. Additional expenses related to accidents or illnesses not covered by insurance


Any other personal or non-APS related expenditures